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will freezing tempratures damage opals

0 votes
asked Feb 26 by jtwillng2 (120 points)

2 Answers

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Hey I have a opal and carried it within my pocket for a while. From summer to winter and without knowing what this beautiful rock was, I didn’t even think about how sensitive it is. Surprisingly since I discovered that it was an opal and reading a lot about its sensitivity to scratches and temperature, it’s still a strong rock in daily conditions. I accidentally dropped the rock once on a hard surface which broke only a little chip and left a shell like pattern in one of its corners. I have talked about it with a local gemstone cutter and he said that with opal, and many other gemstones, they can crack and even burst when exposed to a big change in temperature for a short period of time. Like on a grinding wheel or a sawmill etc. I don’t know what kind of opal u have but always be careful when you’re deciding to cut or shape it. As those are the most common ways that can result in high temperatures and pressure to damage it if not done with full attention and care. 


I hope this helps with what you are asking for. 

Here is a little pic of the opal I’m talking about in the beginning. Might look like yours. It’s a pretty strong piece because it has going through a lot of risks and still looks like it always has been. 


Greetings me, have a nice day.

answered Feb 27 by Lemurian (570 points)
0 votes
Yes, opals are fragile in temperature swings, often cracking.
answered Mar 1 by Weasel (55,650 points)

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