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How did the mound of little balls evolve on the Mex-Lace Nodule?

0 votes

This mound is part of a Mex-lace agate nodule, that is fist size? Cheers, 

asked Feb 23 by arbayowling (570 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Botryoidal structure to agates is uncommon. I will look to find out about formation.. i've been very busy.
answered Mar 1 by Weasel (55,650 points)
0 votes
Goethite and hematite are often present within the structure of an agate or a geode. These formations look like they may be a layer of ferrous oxide such as these minerals. See if they have a streak, and if so, match hematite or goethite.
answered Apr 30 by hershel (51,320 points)