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Need help identifying a rock after hours finding nothing

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Hello !

Nice to meet you, I'm new here and I love rocks and minerals !

I come because there's one I can't identify, I suppose it may be agate with jasper inclusions, but I can't be sure.

Just so you know, I already asked into a minerals shop, and the one who was holding it said me he didn't knew what it was.

I tried to test a little things, but I don't want to break it. So I tried using my nails to see the hardness, and even by forcing it didn't do a thing. Also the surface is very smooth to touch. And as I expected, I had no reaction with magnets. As you can see, light shines a little through it, but not a lot.

Here's the pictures. I'm sorry for the quality, I did my best but I've got only my phone for that.

This one using the flash :

And this one too :

From the back :

This brown things looks a little like jasper or silex :

Well, I hope that's enough pictures. Again sorry for the quality, it's not so great and I'm conscious of that.

Thank you honestly for all the help you can bring ! I hope someone would know what it is !

asked Feb 23 by Dragon (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
There is agate, by the looks. There is what looks like maybe a layer of quartz. The rock looks like grapes and it is called a  botryoidal formation. Though not common, it has been found in silicates like agate and chalcedony. Type in botryoidal agate and see what you get. That's what I believe it to be. You would not be able to scratch agate with a common house nail.
answered Feb 23 by Weasel (55,650 points)
Thank you very much !
I've looked and it looks pretty much the same.
A big thanks to you, to have taken the time to write and to have answered me !
I wish you a beautiful day.
0 votes

Looks like a nice piece of agate. Did you found it yourself or bought from store? This is an agate I bought from a local store and it is very identical to what your rock looks like. 

answered Feb 27 by Lemurian (570 points)
Hello !
Honestly I'm sorry but I don't really know.
I loved rocks and minerals when I was a kid, so I had lots of.
But I've just started to be interested by minerals again recently, so I gathered some of them from my kid's bedroom (who's still at my parents home).
So I don't know where it comes from exactly. It surely comes from a friend of my parents, who is decrased today so I can't really ask.
Anyway, nice piece of agate you have here !

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