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What kind of stone is this? (found in the Netherlands)

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Those kind of metallic bronze looking strange rocks are only found in a forest when I’m walking and searching for all kinds of things. They seem to pop up randomly just in front of my eyes while I have walked the same road into the forest on a daily basis. It’s just strange to me that they are on empty spots where I was just a day ago and the next day they just lay in the ground ready to be dogged out. Some are really deep into the ground and also in concentrations sometimes. I collected a lot of them in the past, and only the forest provides them. Found them never outside the forest area where I live. 


Kind regards 

asked Feb 20 by Lemurian (570 points)

1 Answer

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Looks like a concretion whereby water has infiltrated a ground system and the materials in the water have settled and compacted into a rock. This happens wherever water runs from rivers, to forests to glaciers. Holes are caused by biological materials wearing away, decaying and such or softer materials in the rock wearing away. Even air pockets not filled by the sediments can cause holes. In a forest, especially after a rain.  many new things are revealed. I suspect ground traffic and vehicles can dislodge them. Beasties can dislodge them looking for food.. if it is slag, that would be metal. Basically waste product from metal. Should be magnetic if it is slag.
answered Feb 21 by Weasel (55,650 points)
edited Mar 11 by Weasel

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