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Just an unusual agate or a new species #2?

0 votes

asked Jan 29 by arbayowling (570 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
What makes me doubt it is an agate is there is no layering.
answered Jan 30 by Weasel (53,090 points)
Interesting observation. OK, so if it is not an agate what exactly is it? I know you previously said specimen, but of what series on rock family? To me it is not a geode. Cheers, arbayowling
0 votes
Is the rock all flat and smooth on the surface? If so, this might be an kind of quartz/calcite/agate but i think it probably is a form of Geode type matrix with a mineral in it, as agate has layers and crystals in center. The layers dont show clearly in this piece, but still a beautiful piece! Very unique.
answered Feb 20 by Lemurian (530 points)

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