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Just an unusual agate or a new species?

0 votes

asked Jan 29 by arbayowling (570 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Dendritic agate, maybe. Could just be quartz formation inside of agate.

I recommend the agate lady's book. Here is a link to the gitcheegumee museum in grand marais.


Here is a link from the same website

answered Jan 30 by Weasel (52,110 points)
Hi Weasel, thank's again for your comments, they are always enlightening and informative. I am familiar with the agate lady and its a great site, but she never responds to enquiries. I asked her for information about the agate with the hemispherical inclusion in the quartz matrix. But got no response. I am of the opinion it is a form of spherulite, but not quite sure. I am working with the ASU Geology group in Phoenix so we will see if they can shed light on the sample. Cheers, arbayowling.

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