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What is the top side of this agate: silica?

+2 votes

asked Jan 29 by arbayowling (570 points)

3 Answers

0 votes

Could just be chalcedony, or jasper but layered chalcedony is agate. They are all SiO2..

The markings you see on the crust could actually be agate formations under the matrix. The matrix can be abraded with a rock blanket or polishing to reveal those, however most collectors prefer natural stones. Great beauty can be exposed.

answered Jan 30 by Weasel (52,150 points)
0 votes
Maybe silica, but I am not sure
answered Feb 5 by JerBrown (290 points)
0 votes
An agate simply does not have fissures or cracks. If it breaks it chips out
answered Feb 7 by Weasel (52,150 points)