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What is the round half dome hole in my agate?

0 votes
I cannot attach a picture from my mac, can anyone help me?
asked Jan 24 by arbayowling (570 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Sure can, using whatever device you have take a picture. The bottom tool bar has seven boxes. In the sixth box reading left to right, the first icon looks like a silhouette of mountains and the sun. Click on it. It gives you three options. Follow the prompts make sure to save. If you have problems let us know. It's pretty painless.
answered Jan 26 by Weasel (55,650 points)
Unfortunately I am not computer savvy and  I do not know how to do this. I do not know what the URL  is or what the link is, etc, is for my Mac desktop I know I have Safari and that's about it. I can copy my picture to the message but it does not come out. I would much prefer that Weasel send me a private email and I will communicate that way.  Weasel answered my questions about two years ago on another agate subject.  Sorry guys, the last time I had Windows and could transfer the pictures ok, seems things have changed since then.