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Any Idea how These odd Stones Formed?

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We found these rocks in Ontario, Canada a number of years ago and have no idea how they might have formed nor have we seen any even remotely similar.  They look like someone stood around slowly dripping wet cement on the ground and let them harden, which I suppose is what they very well could be, but on some of them both the top and bottom have the same pattern so I don't think its possible that they could have formed that way.  But I don't claim to know a great deal about rocks. 

Any help would be awesome!  These things have been stumping us for too long.

asked Jan 24, 2018 by Alt (150 points)

1 Answer

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They appear to be concretions. That is rock that hardens and the resulting stone is formed from water sand and sediment into rock. I suppose I would attempt to find out what substance this is. A drop of vinegar will tell you if it is limestone. It will bubble. Silt and the resulting sediments falling to the bottom of a lake bed and forming over shells and fossils would also account for shapes like these. Much of Michigan and Ontario were inland sea bottom.
answered Jan 24, 2018 by Weasel (58,980 points)
selected Jan 24, 2018 by Alt
Thank you! I was not expecting an answer so fast.  Upon an internet search that looks to be exactly what they are.  
Thank you greatly for the help.