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Hey i found this rock then i walked the beatch and i wanna know what kind it is please

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Because it Was to Big to get home i broke it down to smaller pices.


asked Jan 10 by Nema007 (180 points)

2 Answers

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I'm sure the crystals formed are either quartz, mica or even calcite. Typically, crystals are found in voids inside rocks where the rock matrix is semi permeable. Fluid flows in the minerals are all that is left when the water evaporates. Those minerals form crystals. Your rock seems at first to be sedimentary rock which formed a concretion. Soil, minerals and sand form rocks when subjected, to heat and/or pressure, such as the weight of matter compressing everything beneath it like soil layers, or limestone layers, volcanic rock like basalt.
answered Jan 11 by Weasel (55,690 points)
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I believe this question was double posted, i thought i recognized the pictures.
answered Jan 17 by Thesamster7 (770 points)

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