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Can anyone help identify these stones?

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I need help identifying these stones. I would really appreciate the help.


Edit: Here is a more up close picture of the stones. I hope this is a better image. 



asked Jan 2 by cwarner11 (160 points)
edited Jan 4 by cwarner11

2 Answers

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Best answer
Cwarner, can you post them indivdually. The resolution is lost whan I try to enlarge them. Some are polished, polishing removes identifiers.
answered Jan 2 by Weasel (53,090 points)
selected Jan 6 by cwarner11
Here is a better picture. I hope those look better.
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The polished ones are difficult, they could be anything. Number 2 is quartz and 3 appears to be jasper but not certain
answered Jan 8 by Weasel (53,090 points)