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How do I get an official name assigned to an unusual stone type?

+1 vote
I have specimens of an unusual stone type that was mined from 1898 to 1903 as ornamental stone, but can't find a name for it in any of the records except that it is "brucite", but that's incorrect since the actual brucite content is generally high but varies widely among my specimens.  There's actually a pretty broad mix of minerals present.  I would like to have the local name for it made official.  How would I go about that?
asked Dec 21, 2017 by rockratt (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I do not know the answer. I do know many mineral specimens have other minerals incorporated in the specimen. Usually, the rock is officially a rock of a certain kind if it has the highest percentage of that rock in the specimen. For instance many agates are part of a matrix. To officially be considered an agate, it must be 50 percent agate but that does not preclude the specimen from being an agate because it has agate in it. Local names for rocks confuse the issue, but think about this, there are types of minerals that can be identified by which mine they come from. To give each a local name would be totally confusing.
answered Jan 2, 2018 by Weasel (58,930 points)