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Can you tell me what happened here? Unusual geological formation found!

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alt textalt textalt text alt textA friend of mine in Arizona found this formation when he was prospecting for gold in the AZ desert. It is hidden behind a small mountain, hidden from the view of anyone, unless you purposefully go here. In the middle of nowwhere, in a unchartered territory for the most part. As you get closer to it, the ground gets more and more colorful, and then turns to grey ash almost. When you are among the formations, rich colors of red, green and more can be found all over the ground. What appears to be petrified wood is also in abundance. Can anyone tell me what may have caused this. One spot in the desert, no more special than the area next to it..? Moss is growing there now, and lots of saguaro are in the area.. more than most areas. Interesting. Ill attach some photos of the formation and rocks found there. Would like to idenfity.. Thx.

asked May 27, 2013 by AliceinWonderland (280 points)

6 Answers

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not the best pictures... how can I add more? not sure how to do multiple pics.. here is one close up picture of the unusual formation found... looks almost like in a cave, or under water stalagmites.. shart and pointed.. alt text

answered May 27, 2013 by AliceinWonderland (280 points)
0 votes

Are there any minerals or visible crystals present? How about if you dig a little? It is very hard to tell from the pictures as their quality isnt great. If you can somehow post better pictures that will be helpful. You can upload one picture at a time.

answered May 29, 2013 by hershel (52,780 points)
0 votes

YES.. very much so.. all over the place.. crystals of green, orange, red.. brown.. petrified wood.. all in abundance all over the ground.. it is truly an amazing site,and I beleive unchartered and not studied.. Ill try and add pics of the crystals/rocks I found if you can help identify. thx. alt text

alt text

answered May 29, 2013 by AliceinWonderland (280 points)
0 votes

ROCK Lovers Paradise... on earth... I think more and more this was a volcanic explosion, unstudied and not identified. have not found it anywhere.. and you would not go here unless you knew it was here.. can't see it from any road..have to hike where there are NO trails and other side of a mountain.. I had a friend that was a gold prospector that found it.. amazing.. alt text

answered May 29, 2013 by AliceinWonderland (280 points)
0 votes

more colorful rocks and crystals.. anyone want to give a hand at identifying.. This place is like no other.. alt text

answered May 29, 2013 by AliceinWonderland (280 points)
0 votes

The minerals definitely do have a resemblance to petrified wood or some sort of chalcedony. Now it doesnt look like the hole is volcanic in origin, otherwise it would contain volcanic rock such as basalt, and there would likely be a dome. Another possibility is that it is a meteor impact site - although then there should be fragments present and also perhaps some rare impact minerals.

answered May 30, 2013 by hershel (52,780 points)