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What impurities make fluorite green?

+1 vote
I am new to collecting minerals and have two samples of fluorite. One is completely clear, which I have come to learn is its natural color. The other is a pale green. I have learned that fluorite comes in a huge variety of colors due to different impurities, but I can't find what impurity causes it to be green.
asked Sep 17, 2017 by protium (210 points)

6 Answers

–1 vote
answered Sep 17, 2017 by Weasel (58,800 points)
I am sorry, but that link doesn't address the question in any way. In the time it took my question to be approved I had time to do a lot of research into this. It turns out to be much more complicated than I first thought.

This is a list of possible causes of green color centers in fluorite. It was translated from German by someone on another forum.

Colloid Calcium
Fe+2 and Mn, Cr. Ni or Cu
Allen (1952)
Przibaum (1953)
Bill et al. (1967, Neuhaus et al. (1967)
Bill et al. (1978)
Bailey et al. (1974)
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I am not a geologist in any way. I gave you what information I could find. The only answers I could find said they were caused by impurities. The rock hounds here had a chance to answer your question. I am a guy who responds to the questions like any other poster accept I can approve comments and questions. I was on a ten day trip to Lake Superior, collecting agates and the like. Next summer I hope tp sift through some slag from the copper mines in the Keeweenaw Peninsula. During that time, if the moderators do not approve things, the posters will wait until someone shows up, likely me when I get back. I often spend my own time searching for answers for posters here. I am sorry I did not meet your needs in a timely fashion. I was catching my fantasy football teams up and did not get back to further research the question.
answered Sep 18, 2017 by Weasel (58,800 points)
It wasn't the timeliness of your answer that was the problem. It was the information provided. As you said the article said coloration in fluorite was caused by impurities. My question stated that I already knew this, and was trying to determine which impurity, in particular, caused a green color. I did not mean to offend, I appreciate any answer, but that link was not relevant.
0 votes

For anyone else interested in this, it actually turns out to be a very complicated topic.

There are a lot of informed ideas here:



answered Sep 18, 2017 by protium (210 points)
0 votes
well, that is probably interesting)
answered Sep 26, 2017 by simonferry (540 points)
0 votes
Usually, and I repeat usually, green coloration would be caused by a copper based mineral.
answered Aug 4, 2018 by linkisnotzelda (5,370 points)
0 votes
It depend on area, where you drop this mineral. Fluorite is rare and not everyone can boast of pure crystal
answered Aug 8, 2018 by manuelaaumick (430 points)

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