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Any idea what type of rock this is? Cannot find any images resembling it.

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Trying to identify this rock.  Larger than a basketball; extremely dense and heavy.  It seems to contain metal, but not highly magnetic. I can find no images online that resemble this specimen.  My husband's grandfather found the rock in Southern Illinois in the 1920s. Family lore is that a farmer saw if fall from the sky and it had to be pulled out of a large hole.  Doubt this is true.  While it does have slight magnetic properties, it does not have a crust like a meteorite.  It does appear to have formed under high heat. My husband drilled down about a 1/2 inch and it appears to be the same solid metal all the way through.  A heavy red dust emerged when he drilled.


asked May 21, 2017 by papyrus (120 points)
edited May 25, 2017 by papyrus

2 Answers

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Where did you find it? Near some mountains in Duluth, Minnesota would be a descriptive type sentence.
answered May 24, 2017 by Weasel (58,980 points)
I added more pictures and information.  The rock was found in Southern Illinois.
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It's definitely possible to be a meteorite, although meteorite occurrences are quite rare. I would say it's worthwhile to have an expert look at or take a sample to a mineral show.
answered Jun 21, 2017 by hershel (52,820 points)