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anyone know what this is the green can be seen on every side always cold and will not scratch

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can anyone give me an educated guess as to what this stone is? I bought it at a yard sale last summer and it was being used to hold open a door. The gentleman said he didn't know where it came from only that it was in his barn for years. It has a vivid green that looks like jade that can be seen on all sides and the weight is just under 6 lbs. thanks

asked Mar 28, 2017 by robmac (130 points)

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This is very interesting. I can't see a crack or fissure in the entire rock. I assume it is very hard. The guy you bought it from has a barn where? Upstate NY near Buffalo? In a valley near Flagstaff, Arizona? It may give us an idea where it is from, perhaps not accurate, but better than nothing. In my experience, you don't pick up a rock in Pakistan and put it in a barn in Albany, NY. The best solution would be to take it to a rock shop and have them guess. If it is local, they may have a better idea. I would be interested to find out.
answered Apr 4, 2017 by Weasel (58,940 points)
capebreton novascotia Canada. that's where I picked it up.it is very hard and always cold. there are no rock shops here at all. population of this island is less the 100,000 and not much call for something like that.  I would love to know if it is jade.
Jade is soft enough to be carved. So is copper. Emerald is not. A common nail will not scratch emerald or sapphire or most every gem stone. Opal is brittle but this is not opal. It should scratch glass and try as you might you could not mar it with a common nail. I will look for more clues. Maybe a green kyanite, which is usually blue. If there is a university nearby, that is another possibility
thanks for your input. Tried scratch test with a nail and it would not make a mark on the stone it actually damaged the nail. regarding where it came from could be anywhere in the world. I live in an are that ships use to come in the harbour in the late 1800s early 1900s and drop their ballast which at time was stone. so our harbour is full of unusual stones and sometimes wash up on shore during storms and I was thinking maybe it was found at some point by someone and kept because of it's unusual look. I was told by a local rock hound that it might be Malachite. but this person is not an expert. I'm very curious. thanks again for your input and any further info you can send my way
Perhaps I a suggestion: Prrase, which is a green chalcedony. The hardness by damaging the nail would support that.