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How do I clean an excessive amount of blue-green powder off of native copper?

0 votes

I have a large piece of native copper (approximately 10 pounds) that soaked in muratic acid for several years to remove the rock matrix from it.  This has left an excessive residue of blue-green oxidization (see photos) that a tarnish remover, like Copper Dip, won't remove.  Any ideas about what I might clean it with?   

asked Mar 5, 2017 by drdjmiller (170 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
I am no expert, I googled this and it says to put a submersible piece of copper in vinegar mixed with baking soda. Another one says to make a solution of vinegar, salt, baking soda and flour. There were ones that said make a paste. I would try vinegar and soda first.

Get a bucket fill it with enough vinegar to submerse your rock and add some baking soda. Put your copper in and let it soak for fifteen minutes. If that doesn't work. Type cleaning oxidized copper into your browser and try the next method.
answered Mar 7, 2017 by Weasel (58,800 points)
Thanks for the help.  I'll follow your advice!