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I bought these at a garage sale for a dollar. What on earth are they!!!

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asked Feb 26, 2017 by Yzarcstaht (120 points)

2 Answers

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Top one is a fossil, coral by the look.

Bottom two look like amethyst.

The second one appears to be a geode which is formed by air bubbles in molten rock. Then after it cools mineral rich water seeps into the cavity and after dehydrating leaves minerals which under the right circumstances form crystals, which I think are quartz in this sample
answered Feb 27, 2017 by Weasel (58,980 points)
These are two rocks, not four. the back side of the fossil is all crystals. its very strange honeycomb like fossil on one side and crystals on the other. if you look very close at it you can see that the fossil itself looks fibrous. almost like its petrified bone. but with crystals in it.

the second stone is strange too because its purple clear crystal that is wrapped around silver cubes. the pictures dont do it justice but both are easily the strangest rocks i have ever seen.
The bottom two actually look more like fluorite rather than amethyst.
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I believe the bottom photos are purple fluorite...maybe with some brown fluorite mixed in.
answered May 4, 2017 by M45crystals (860 points)