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Can you help me to identify these stones, please?

0 votes

I combined them but did no change on the colours. Smart phone photo, not professional.

asked Feb 11, 2017 by NafizM (220 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Nafiz, please answer some questions. Where did you find your samples? On a mountainside outside of Salt Lake City, Utah is good enough. Could be anywhere in the world, like by a salt mine in the desert outside of Sonora, Mexico. It will give me geographical context as well as an idea of the environment you found your stones in. Really, they could be any number of minerals.

Try to scratch one with a pocket knife. If it is a precious mineral the knife most likely will be unable to mark it. If it is a salt crystal, it will mark it. Quartz, agate, chert, sapphire, topaz and the harder minerals will not scratch.

There are other tests like a streak test and acid tests but starting with the scratch test it will give us an idea how hard your minerals are. Then put a light source behind them and see whether the light will filter through (translucent) or will not pass through(opaque).

I don't know right off what the samples are but with some more information we can start narrowing it down.

Same goes for your other post.
answered Feb 12, 2017 by Weasel (58,980 points)
I live in Menemen, Izmir, TURKEY.

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