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prple fluorite with sphalerite unk cube mineral with tarnish fluorite lighter recently gets no dir sun; what's up!

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asked Dec 30, 2016 by MarkyD (600 points)

1 Answer

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Flourite is subject to color changes, sometimes up to five different colors can be seen. If it seems to have changed colors permanently maybe the flourite was exposed to another mineral in your collection. Herschel knows more.
answered Jan 1, 2017 by Weasel (58,940 points)
Thanks Weasel. Exposure to something else or even the mystery mineral in the matrix was my concern. The mystery mineral is corroding both white and green. I know very little about the specimen. Definetly has sphalerite and pyrite, and one onknown cube forming mnineral. Nowadays I keep all fluorite with fluorite. I imagine there is no way to make it more purple again but I'd like to keep what color it has. They get no direct sunlight but a small amount of reflective light from a house next door. Can indirect light cause fluorite to lighten up? My whole fluorite collection gets a small amount of reflective light.
BTW: how do I contact Herschel?
Thanks! Mark
Herschel comes by sporadically, but go to the user tab, find Herschel and send him a PM. He knows a bunch more. I know a little bit.
Thanks for the kind words. Some fluorite is known to fade, but its often dependent on the locality. To my knowledge, the fading is primarily caused by prolonged exposure to light (especially strong light and sunlight.) I have never heard of fluorite fading upon exposure to other things such as associated minerals.

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