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is this mercury?

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asked Dec 11, 2016 by ekeno ekai (120 points)
edited Dec 13, 2016 by Weasel

1 Answer

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Mercury is a liquid at room temperature. That doesn't mean there is not a mercuric compound in this sample. If it is heavy for it's size, it will be a metal, or most likely a metal. Could be tin, platinum, silver, nickel. Is it magnetic?
answered Dec 12, 2016 by Weasel (55,930 points)
it is not magnetic
Aluminum, tin, silver, titanium, zinc, lead, platinum are all non-magnetic metals. Heavy metals like platinum, lead, silver and titanium would be readily apparent by the weight, zinc, tin and aluminum not so much. There are tests with acid which would narrow this down. Also, weighing the piece, getting a volume by displacing it in water and figuring out its specific gravity.
When I  put it  in water it disloves it produces  some bad smell
Where did you find this piece? What kind of smell? Alkali metals like sodium, potassium, lithium, rubidium, caesium all react in water. Compounds containing these metals do react, too. Usually, they use flame tests to identify them. We do not recommend doing these tests because these metals can react violently with water.
Tell us where you found it, see what minerals are prevalent in that area.
i found it in one the mountains here in kenya
i found it in one of the mountains here in kenya

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