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collection of stones - please identify!

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I found many small rocks and stones while snorkelling in nice (southern france.) These ones were the most appropriate to ask a question about as I found, fossils, pirate gems, and all sorts of stuff. The red one could be a type of carnelian. Two of the stones have shiny stuff inside. One looks silver(first picture), and the other one gold (second,fourth and ninth picture.)alt textalt text alt textalt text alt text alt textalt text

alt textalt text

asked Apr 10, 2013 by Penguin453 (200 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

For the red ones, would you say that they are very translucent? If so, they probably are carnelian or lard (which may be more likely, since your stones appear to be slightly brown-tinted). They definitely look like they belong to the chalcedony family. However, minerals from the chalcedony family are not common to France, but are possible to find closer to north Africa, so it's possible they could've been moved by ocean currents.

answered Apr 17, 2013 by Emerald05 (140 points)
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The red one definitely looks like carnelian, and thats quite a good stone for an ocean deposit. It looks tumbled though and I would be very surprised if it is natural. I suggest you go to the same spot where you found this and look for more, and if there are more there this can be a documented locality.

The color-zoned one is also intersting. Perhaps it was once part of a brick. Hard to tell. The shiny one looks its got mica on it - perhaps a waterworn pebble of mica schist. The mica is what is making it glittery. The white one looks like quartz. Hope this info is helpful!

answered Apr 18, 2013 by hershel (52,800 points)

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