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Is this orgonite pyramid infused with a particular crystal? // How to properly clean a crystal?

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There are two questions I'm trying to ask in one, so bear with me if it's confusing. But I got this orgonite pyramid from my friend a while ago and I never really figured out what is inside it. I Googled "orgonite pyramid" and found a website that told me that they have metal shavings inside, which mine does, and can also have some crystals and other things can be added to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent. Because it's purple, can I assume amethyst is inside of it? Is there a way of knowing what is inside? I know orgonite itself isn't a mineral or crystal of any kind, so that's why I apologize for it being confusing. I'm just wondering what makes up this piece if anybody thinks they know. It appears green at the top because there are two small green rocks inside, and the top is clear so the light coming through makes the top emit green. Also, on another topic, you can see there is some fuzz on top of the pyramid, that came from my car's ceiling when my friend put it there and gave it to me. It got stuck in the ceiling fabric and when I took it off some fuzz got stuck onto it. I've tried using GooGone to remove the fuzz but that sort of ruined the texture of the pyramid and didn't remove the fuzz. Does anyone know how I can go about cleaning it properly? Thank you in advance.

asked May 17, 2016 by JohnBagel (1,040 points)

1 Answer

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JohnBagel - We are dealing with the scientific community here and we don't have experience with metaphysical properties of minerals and gemstones, nor do we have the background on synthetically produced substances that are not naturally occurring.
answered Jul 24, 2016 by hershel (52,800 points)