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Help to identify a stone? Please ? :-)

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Hello! First let me say how thankful I am for this website ! This is awesome !
I go on many hikes and pick up stones I find that I like, or "jump out at me " I have a couple of stones that I don't know what they are , but would love to know . I would greatly appreciate someone's expertise at this , especially since I am new to all this . I find myself thinking of stones all day, and can't wait for any opportunity to hold them, find them , and look at them ! Thank you to anyone who can help me identify some of the stones that I like so much :-)

asked Apr 2, 2013 by nikki (220 points)

4 Answers

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Nikki, If you can post some of the pictures of the stones you would like help identifying, as well as the location where you found them, someone here may be able to help you with the identification.

answered Apr 3, 2013 by hershel (49,750 points)
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alt text

I go a lot of places to hike . ( I remember where some of these stones are from :-) )The white one is very soft and was found near lake mead in Nevada . The red shiny one and the little ,shiny dark ones from near the Three kids mine area, also near lake mead Nevada. ( the three little ones almost look like a metal that has tarnished when you hold them in the sun) . The green and yellow stone was found near Eldorado canyon in nevada by the colorado river. ( The green in it looks somewhat shiny in some places on the stone ). The black and white stone was found in Nevada. ( I thought it may be sardonyx?) I know this is a lot , but I am very thankful to anyone who can help me put a name to my stones !!

answered Apr 3, 2013 by nikki (220 points)
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Ok, thanks for the info and pictures. The middle red one looks like carnelian or jasper (see if its transparent to tell the difference). The green one on the left looks like some sort of feldspar, possibly rough microcline, though hard to tell without testing. The white banded one and other white one on the right look like quartz or calcite (check fluorescence and try an acid test for effervescence). The bubbly bottom ones are probably volcanic rock such as pumice. Are they very light in weight? The others are hard to tell from the picture alone.

answered Apr 5, 2013 by hershel (49,750 points)

As I say TODA!! Thank you so much for the info !! I can't wait to look up other examples, then try to polish them ! Awesome , thank you again !

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answered Apr 9, 2013 by hershel (49,750 points)

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