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Does this quartz piece have a specific name?

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Last week when I bought this quartz piece, the box it came in had "Hematite" written on the bottom of it which threw me off and I wasn't sure what it was, but I realized it is just quartz. Anyways, is there a specific name for it, like clear quartz, smoky quartz, or lithium quartz or something like that? Or is it simply a piece of quartz? For the record, the back side is a bit dirty (naturally) so it gives it a bit of a darker spot in it at times. Thank you.

asked May 16, 2016 by JohnBagel (1,030 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
Nope, Quartz it is.
answered May 17, 2016 by Weasel (58,360 points)
selected May 17, 2016 by JohnBagel
Thank you! I appreciate it!
You can't imagine how disappointed I was when I found a fist sized amethyst and the geologist I showed it to said it's just purple Quartz. If you like it, it's a great stone.
Wow that is disappointing, those two look exactly alike. Then again, isn't purple quartz amethyst anyways? Why call it purple quartz if it's amethyst?
I suspect he was embarrassed because he could not identify two other specimens.
Probably! That or he wants to sound more "professional" by calling it another name that no one would ever use. When you even google "purple quartz", amethyst comes up. That's because it's the same thing. I think he wanted to make himself sound like he knew what he was talking about when really he didn't know much.