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Largest rare light green anorthite. (4000 carat single stone) identify

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XRF oxide analysis report using energy dispersive spectrometer for my green gemstone conducted by our department of science and technology, material science division, minerals present are:

main composition:

Silicon dioxide 75%
calcium oxide 14.76%
aluminum oxide 6.64%

composition with lower value:

potassium oxide 2.11%
ferric oxide 0.67%
sulfur trioxide 0.32%
titanium dioxide 0.15%
manganese oxide
barium oxide
strontium oxide
arsenic trioxide
lead(II) oxide
silver oxide
cupric oxide
cadmium oxide
rubidium oxide
zinc oxide
diyttrium trioxide


Anorthite and tsavorite chemical formula is calcium aluminum silicate.

grossular  garnet (tsavorite) is composed mainly of silicon dioxide, calcium and aluminum, my green  gemstone has a great amount of calcium, aluminum and silicate.


Pls identify this, thanks
asked Apr 18, 2016 by bro.jojo (140 points)

1 Answer

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The picture ou posted on the following post is highly speculative that its indeed natural. While you did provide an analysis (without explaining who did the analysis, and you also provided a picture (albeit poor quality), you did not provide any details on where it originates from , who collected it, etc. This information is critical to verify its authenticity.
answered Jul 24, 2016 by hershel (52,800 points)

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