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the color blue and deep blue as well as calcite and maybe silver?

1 Answer

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I think it is calcite imbedded in limestone.....but I am not an expert. Herschel is much better.
answered Apr 12, 2016 by Weasel (58,940 points)
That makes sense although there is a vein of silver. Or at at least something silver and soft.on the picture it shows up as a yellow blot with legs just above the cut. I'm a neophyte the white I can scratch with my finger nail the deep blue to blue is much harder. I'll cut off more of the grey stuff to get a better look. Thanks for you time and patience with  me. If anything shows up I'll send another pic, hopefully in better light.
Certainly calcite in it. I let the grey hard clay/rock part soak in vinegar and that didn't affect the clay(?) or the blue material but ate a hole through the white part that wasn't even in the vinegar. I'd love to get that grey clay material off to see what is under there!