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Can a Quartz Crystal STEM FROM an Amber Base?

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I have a specimen (untested origins/etc) of quartz crystal (much like a geode and opaque) that has been tumbled, polished, and faceted to a crystal point.  At the tip of the crystal point (away from the opaque white geode-like crystals) is what appears to be amber forming straight from of the crystal.

1) Is this possible?

2) Anyone take a guess what this stone actually is?


Thanks in advance!


asked Mar 5, 2016 by Mourning_Star (720 points)
edited Mar 5, 2016 by Mourning_Star

1 Answer

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Amber does not form in combination with quartz crystals. Your picture describes citrine, most likely head-treated, with an amber-colored brown crystal face and white body, a typical combination for this widely-available mineral type.
answered May 3, 2016 by hershel (52,800 points)
selected May 5, 2016 by Mourning_Star
You are correct- thank you! I found out later that it was a Citrine Quartz Point.

Thanks for your response :)

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