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Are these stones known as emerald gemstones?

0 votes

asked Jan 2, 2016 by Isaac Makiba (220 points)
edited Jan 2, 2016 by Isaac Makiba

1 Answer

0 votes
They appear to be rough emeralds. Did you find them? If you did and you want to keep it quiet you can pm me. If the green rocks can scratch glass, I would say most definitely. If you tell me generally where you found them like outside of Bogota, Columbia, I will check and see if emeralds are found near where you discovered yours. If they were passed to you in a collection or you bought them, the source may have better information. it would behoove you to have them checked out. Just take one to a jeweler and have it assessed.
answered Jan 3, 2016 by Weasel (58,850 points)
Thanks Weasel. I found these stones in my place in the deep caves of highlands of Papua New Guinea. The problem here is we do not have gemologist or gem shops. I took it to some geologists but they can't identify properly...I have heaps of these types and many other colored gems. You need to contact me through my email address because I need your help to dispose all these I have. Thanks
It is very unlikely for emerald to have no crystal faces at all. Most likely this is glass.

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