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I need help!! I can't figure out what this mineral is that I have!!

0 votes

Can anyone help me determine what this stone is? It is driving me crazy and I am pretty sure I looked through every single stone on this website!! MYSTERY STONE back side

asked Feb 20, 2013 by troyfeck (120 points)

4 Answers

0 votes

This looks an awful lot like shale. The kind of stone that grows in layers up in the mountians where i used to live. Is it light? Is it brittle? If the Answer is yes then perhaps you might wanna think about wrapping it in something. Some shale has naturally occurring asbestos and can be dangerous! I am no expert but here is a pic

shale with naturally occurring asbestos

answered Mar 27, 2013 by BENJAMIN (240 points)
0 votes

I don't know what it is, but its beautiful ! :-)

answered Apr 3, 2013 by nikki (220 points)
0 votes

reminds me of labradorite

answered Apr 23, 2013 by caalr (240 points)
0 votes

It looks like Dioptase.

answered Mar 2, 2014 by Abbityabbi (1,700 points)