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What shiny grey mineral metal is this?

0 votes

This is shiny, grey, hard, brittle, non-magnetic, metal. No reaction to acid, It is heavy, the 2 pictures total about 40 ozs. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and disolved away alot of non-metal stuff. This also bubbles alot in the peroxide. Don't know origin of mineral. I got this from estate of lapidarist in Dallas, Tx., many of the items I got were marked and I have sold most of that but this and a few more items I have was never marked or identified. Would appreciate help identifing and possible value. Would also like info to who I can take this to to identify and sell if it has value.

asked Dec 3, 2015 by R.A.S.1 (330 points)

4 Answers

0 votes
It looks like an ore of some kind, I'll look into it. :)
answered Dec 4, 2015 by GML (1,040 points)
0 votes
Thank you, GML. I would appreciate that.
answered Dec 4, 2015 by R.A.S.1 (330 points)
0 votes
Looks like pyrite, but the picture is blurry so hard to really tell. Can you please post some clearer pictures?
answered Dec 15, 2015 by hershel (52,660 points)
0 votes

The second pic is where another piece just broke away. In the pics it looks like some gold in color but that is just flash reflection, this is silver gray in color. The brown on the end, I do not know what that is, it is not rust, or iron, there is no magnetic pull. When I put acid, it eats away at the crevices but not at the metal itself.

answered Dec 15, 2015 by R.A.S.1 (330 points)

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