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Any Turquoise Hounds out there? I need serious help! All the colors are starting to look the same!

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I had most of these sorted and possible mines, then I dropped the box. After I killed my neighbor, I started the process over. I have been going through pages and pages (If I see Kingman, Bisbee and Sleeping beauty mentioned one more time I will kill my other neighbor) The description is dark blue with splotchy matrix, the picture is a bright light  blue. . The above stones seem to fit the description, but not the picture shown. I have tested these and they are natural. The mine is Stormy Mountain

Any help would be so very appreciated!

asked Nov 18, 2015 by Dizzard (830 points)

1 Answer

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Dizzard, your stones certainly do look like turquoise. What help specifically are you looking for?
answered Nov 24, 2015 by hershel (52,800 points)
Sorry! I was a bit frazzled when I wrote that. I performed all the tests so I know they are all natural. Mine range from a semi bright blue to a very dark green, I have some that completely brown on the back and fade from green to blue on the front. I guess what my question is: Is there a good source with actual colors that I can go to? The pictures on google are difficult to match to the description therefore determining the mine somewhat difficult .I know I won't match them all but there are many out there with very distinctive color, matrix, brown or black and shape. I am still trying to find a good guide but have not been able to find one thus far- any suggestions?
Salutations and felicitations!

The turquoise identification albatross may finally be off your neck! YOUTUBE! Yes, I know, I know but: They give an in depth on matrix, matrix COLOR which can answer your questions about Bisbee plus the range of colors from one mine. For instance Bisbee can go from dark green to Robins egg blue-they also tell you what is valuable and what is not (grades etc) plus quite a few more tips on evaluating a stone by hardness, color, shape, rough etc.
Finally I can stop pestering this community with my ridiculous questions- well about turquoise. Also feel free to pass this on to any turquoise inquiries:

YouTube : Natural Turquoise Polished Rough By Color By Mine- and you can pause. I love pause.

This is my Happy Thanksgiving gift to all of the members that have helped me
 greatly and continue to share their hard won knowledge with me!!!!

Health and happiness to you and yours!!~!~!~!~!!