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Another stone that Could be several things-except identified!

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Sorry there are so many pictures. But this one is hard to capture on film. It scratches glass, no reaction to acid. Cannot be scratched by knife. Does not streak or flake. There is 1 side that is so hard to capture- it is oval with what appears to be quartz in the center. 1 corner is milky transparent. The texture of the rough is not scratchy just mottled. As usual I have no idea where it is from. 4.7oz  Roughly 7" diameter roughly 5/8th's H

But it really is a cool looking piece-  I think  it is  for lapidary.

I am thinking agate but the red color stripes-only 2 side by side, the green inclusions and what appears to be calcite (but no reaction) and  resembles limonite (no reaction) is throwing me out the window!

It was hard to capture good pictures- the predominate color is dark blue, the rough is almost a light walnut color.

Any help would be appreciated.


asked Nov 13, 2015 by Dizzard (830 points)

2 Answers

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Best answer
Definitely looks like a chalcedony. Most likely agate/jasper.
answered Nov 24, 2015 by hershel (52,800 points)
selected Nov 25, 2015 by Dizzard
Thats exactly  (or close enough to what I came to after looking up all the possibilities. Thank you very much for your answer!
–1 vote
Maybe its jasper? Some jasper gems have streaks, its the right color too. I'm not sure, just speculating. It is a really good look piece though, you can get it polished and maybe it would be easier to tell what it is.
answered Nov 13, 2015 by GML (1,040 points)
You guys know your stuff! I am going to get it polished because I really like it!
Thank your answer!