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This a very interesting stone(???????) any ideas?

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This is a pretty banded (stone????????) I have more pictures but will have to send them later. 1lb 4.5oz. Greasy, does not scratch glass or streak but one tiny part did flake with my fingernail, only once. The edges are rough the colors are Magenta, lime green, several types of yellows, very thin pinks next to the magenta and ivory. It  is very difficult to capture the colors. It is translucent around all the edges.

 Recently I posted pictures of what I stumbled upon a photo of which was Fordite/Detroitite Which is probably a fake- it is also greasy, does not flake, scratch glass or streak. Vinegar, no  reaction. I had posted a slab and the rough- the slab was from the same (stone???????) which is 3 times the size of the rough, though I have no idea where it is.

Any direction would be very appreciated!


asked Oct 30, 2015 by Dizzard (830 points)
edited Oct 30, 2015 by Dizzard

2 Answers

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This is an agate. I would use the term waxy, very smooth. It might have quite a bit of chalcedony in it. I have a piece of translucent chalcedony shaped like a pinky finger. It is banded somewhat at the top but with a different material. The rest of the stone is milky white.
answered Oct 30, 2015 by Weasel (58,940 points)
Really? I thought it was resin. What a beauty. I really identify some on my own! I am just try to get a grasp on the identifying marks that take it from agate to Jasper to Feldspar to Quartz-etc.
I did have someone come out to help me identify but, unfortunately, they decided that relieving me of 2 boxes of crystals and gems and 3 boxes of my largest slabs of Jasper and Agate was easier- and I paid them! Ha!. It's my own fault for not counting the boxes each time, but I didn't think I had to. Whomever they sell them to will make beautiful things with them so in the end it's ok. Back to the drawing board- and your mineral gallery- great stuff!
Deff. Agate. Beautiful piece too.
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Maybe its a kind of quartz? It looks like it at least.
answered Nov 11, 2015 by GML (1,040 points)
Sorry for my tardy reply. I thought quartz too but is doesn't have the necessary attributes. Which is so very hard to tell from the pictures.I have come to believe it is an agate. It is a wowie no matter what it is and looks lovely on my bookcase. It;s just nice to be able to tell people what it is when they ask- instead of- no clue, but it looks good! Thanks again for your reply - you are the best!