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Sorry Back to the geode banded agate again, II still have a hard with the geodes plus fordite (most likely fake)

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This is like the other one but the rough is different. I wet the geode for the pictures so you would be able to see it better- 12oz 3" wide. Also notice the colors on the rough- they are beautiful- There is pitting on this one as well- the largest one on the right side half way down. Please tell me this is a banded agate geode. So far it is the only 2 I have and I would dearly love to file them away.


The wily Fordite (probably a knock off)


How cool is that?


Thank you so very, very, much for all your patience and kindness- it really makes a world of difference to we beginners.


asked Oct 26, 2015 by Dizzard (830 points)

1 Answer

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Your geode has an agate inside. One of the characteristics of agates is the banding. The second one if it is fordite is not a rock at all, it is paint, residual paint that has solidified. The yellow staining on the host rock of the agate is limonite, an iron compound and the red a different kind of iron compound.

Your red rock because I think it is rock might be chalcedony or another type of precious stone. Was it labeled fordite? If you enlarge this picture you can see small divots on the left side. They look like conchoidal fractures which happen with very hard materials like flint, chert, agate and chalcedony which are all silicates. Still it could be fordite and that is cool. It is from here in michigan found outside of ford plants originally. It can be any color paint is.
answered Oct 26, 2015 by Weasel (58,940 points)
Take a picture of the left side of the second picture and post it, I'd like to see it straight on and be able to enlarge it.
Do you think the agate is a nice stone? Anyhoo Back to fordite (maybe) and I have a HUGE favor to ask. I have a very very favorite stone and want to start collecting - But I don't know what it is. I know it is simple but I always seem to miss it- would you mind terribly? Ok  maybe 2 stones- I know I have seen them but for the life of me can't remember where!
Yes it is a very nice stone, I am partial to blues and reds. Send as many as you like. I will do my best, I am not an expert but I have a modicum of knowledge to start you on your way.
HA! You're a Guru! Modest and Humble, yet still a Guru!
Oh the Fordite I stumbled upon- I have 2 necklaces for Fordite and one is similar to the red stone, so I , of course, decided it was either Washington Red something or Fordite- Fordite was way cooler and voila!
The red rock has vivid color and is really cool. You may want to try to scratch it, starting with your fingernail, then maybe a pocket knife then a piece of glass, then a rock of known hardness like a piece of Quartz. That will give you an idea of hardness. If you can flake a small piece off you can acid test it and see if it reacts with an acid. Of course, you could ask at a local rock shop but that might take the fun out of it. If you do an acid test, be careful, do it outdoors and use protection for your eyes and skin.
I went to a rock show last week and started napping flint arrowheads.

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