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Is the Chinese Hydrozincite that is seen on E-bay genuine ?

0 votes
I see a lot of lovely looking Hydrozincite on E-bay for sale by Chinese sellers with the added attraction of free postage mostly. This material looks a little too good to be real. I"d like a consensus of opinion as to what others think.
asked Oct 25, 2015 by Barry Vincent (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Barry, I don't see a picture. An indicator would be to expose it to a UV lite. It will glow blue. However, without a picture or a specimen to test, you will be relying on the seller.
answered Oct 26, 2015 by Weasel (58,980 points)
Hi Weasel. If you log into E-bay and type in Hydrozincite you will see many pictures of these specimens. Set E-bay up for 'Collectible Rocks and Minerals'
I did see many hydrozincite specimens for sale on ebay from China. I didn't see any that were outrageous that looks that they couldn't be real. Though one should always take precautions by buying on ebay - especially from China - about authenticity. One can only be certain about authenticity from well-established online or ebay dealers.
Hi Weasel. If you read up on the descriptions of this particular mineral species and then look at the Chinese ones for sale on e-bay., nearly all of them look too good to be true. I've heard a rumor elsewhere on the internet that they are cave formations that have been 'looted' from caves. And that they are probably some form of Calcite or Aragonite.