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Banded Agate? Looks like Tigers Eye until you hold it up to the light and it becomes transparent.

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Thank You!!!! I have (again) over 100 cabochons. This will make it much easier to narrow it down- I was googling it as red mineral.

Now for banded agate. I am going to post a picture of what I believe is banded agate from your description. It looks exactly like tigers eye until you hold it up to the light- then it becomes transparent leaving beautiful lines? If so, I believe I may have a few (maybe 10 or so - all different sizes) thin.I included one that i doesn't fully match the others but who knows. I know I have more, I believe them to be in the box labeled "If it looks like a rose it's a rock" I do not know protocol here, but if out turns out to be what you collect, I would like to make a gift of the pieces I have to you.To give them to someone who loves them would have made my Aunt very happy. There is no catch, you did not solicit me and there is absolutely no monetary exchange. If I can do this, may I send them to you via Minerals.net? As for the donation, I am giving money. They most likely could use that more than a specimen. It won't be much, but any little bit helps!
Also thank you for the picture tip- makes me feel better and know to send one at a time shot from different angles




asked Oct 19, 2015 by Dizzard (830 points)

1 Answer

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Google agate and then images and you'll see banding, then google banded sandstone and then jasperlite. Those three will give you an idea of three kinds of banding.
answered Oct 20, 2015 by Weasel (58,940 points)
Thank you!!

That makes a world of difference. This is unbelievably complicated and I love it! I am a (horrible) painter by nature  and I have images in  my head about abstract banding that has to hit the canvas!

Thank you again, I have been using the resources of the website- and Wow- there is a plethora of information there as well! Now that I have more ammo- it's time to hit google and the books (I like the books when I find the image- they contain more info on properties and don't direct you to selling sites)