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Best way to test polished turquoise to determine if natural or stabilized?

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If I am asking too many questions please tell me so and I will cease. I am trying to identify types of turquoise and their respective mines. I know all the turquoise that I have is from the South West (I was there when many of it was purchased) I have from dark green/ brown to butterfly (rough) . I am trying to establish identify if they are stabilized. I have 140 polished nuggets to work with. I have a blow torch to use the heat test, but I have read that is not always a true result. I can smash 1 of each to see what? I keep reading dots- are dots natural or poly resin? I would think poly but read that was not always a good indicator. I have howlite. I torched it. It smelt unbelievably horrible and smoked. According to a Lapidary Journal that I have from 1981, this also may not be accurate. I am confused. The three most used tests are not accurate? Hmm. So, I am asking if any one, who works with turquoise, can point a finger at one and say "that's the most reliable way" or if there is another way - please, please share (if you would like)

asked Oct 16, 2015 by Dizzard (790 points)

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