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Can banded agate be a very light color -amberish and a darkrer as well?

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These are a few of the cabs of this type- if they are indeed banded agate, I can go to my books and find the rough. Sincerely, when I posed my 1st question, I said over 100- it is more than 300, including crystals, specimens. Not including the tan could be anything pile. So if I can Knock out the banded agate- it just makes the pile less and the real challenges closer- Fear not! I will not be asking for identification of all types- I have quite a few identified, and I joined a gem society. There are just a few that I would love to be able to put a label on and set aside before the society meeting in December.

This is my current project- wish me luck and advil.

(The green stone in the center is my current holy grail- the color just can't be fully captured- BUT- I will find it!

Thank you for any help!

asked Oct 16, 2015 by Dizzard (790 points)

1 Answer

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None of the group appears to be agate. They are polished so identifying characteristics have been removed. They are a type of silicified rock refered to as tiger eye, it is a chalcedony type similar to agate. At least the top most one is certainly tiger eye. There is no banding in the others making me suspect polished quartz and the red one is a mystery.

Your green stones appear to be mostly turquoise. Take a picture of the green one you want identified alone. Tell us if light shines through it (translucent) or if it is opaque, light does not shine through it. Light shines through some rocks like agate but not turquoise.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by Weasel (58,930 points)
Thank you for your reply!
I must apologize- I did not realize that sending more than one picture at a time was rude. Not that any of you said or alluded to, when I was scrolling through similar questions I noticed that almost all had one picture at a time. Mea Culpa.

Now, Tigers Eye? I am not even going to tell you what I had it labeled. I have Blue, Tiger Iron and Brown- raw as well  as polished. I will go back and re-evaluate my so called identification! I am learning so much here that when I go back to the books they make more sense (to me) - The only part that I am a bit foggy on is banding. I truly thought these were banded. As for the turquoise, I have the polished separated and I will research those on my own. The raw is a challenge , but a good one.

The green stone in the middle is not turquoise. It sits in the middle of every identification I start as a goal towards really understanding. Thank you for the very kind offer to identify, but this stone I really want/need to identify on my own. If I ever do think I have it, I probably will post it here to see if I have made the correct assumption- for either confirmation or a kick in the teeth- ask you to identify- and donate as many as I have to this organization except that one piece. It is a great stumper for beginners, like me. It is not Adventurine or Jade- it is not translucent. I love this stone.

Again, thank you for your offer and all the help you have given- Off to solve the mystery of banding!

With the utmost appreciation,

I'm so embarrassed. My "If I find it, I will feel like I am really understanding how to identify- My Holy Grail" is Amazonite. Stop laughing. I refuse to donate Amazonite to let the world witness my red face, therefore I am going to choose one my specimens or an assembly of something (AFTER you confirm what it is.) You choose which would be best when I send the photo- left up to me, I would probably send Dino Dung thinking it was a diamond. Holy Grail! Dear God!

Google agate. The banding you see in the tiger eye you will see is somewhat different from banding. Agate banding is very thin. I collect them. I travel to Lake Superior to look for them. It is not rude to post more than one picture, rather it is easier to discuss one at a time. In fact several pictures of one rock make it easier to identify. I liked the post, it just too difficult to give you feedback on so many at once. Again your stones are polished, it will make identification more difficult. If I don't recognize a stone, I look at similarly colored stones. Once I find a few suspects, I start to review distinguishing characteristics of each. Starting with your red stone, google red gemstones. Get the images and start looking. It will help you to quickly narrow your field of inquiry.