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Hullo! I have over 100 Minerals Crystals etc that I am trying to identify- Help!

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rock 1:   4.7oz. does not scratch glass or streak Moh 4?  3 " at longest point no luster when dry

Rock 1 of  2 back view:  1.9oz  2" at longest point does not scratch glass or streak  color dark bluish gray.Specimen 1:   4.7oz. does not sctratchn glass or streak Moh 4? 3 " at lonest point no lusterSpcimen 2 back view:  1.9oz  2" at longest point does not scratch glass or streak  color dark bluish gray.Rock 2:  Front color diference and inclusions completely differentSpeimen 3: 4.6oz 4" widest  does not streak or scratch  agate cabbing Slab? What type?

Rock 2 of 2:  color difference and inclusions?

Rock 3: 4.6oz 4" wide scratches with fingernail , translucent agate cabbing Slab? What type?


I was given a large collection of mostly lapidary stones (rough). There are some specimen pieces, but their identification is down the road. I have bought 5 books, borrowed  at least another 3 from the library so I have identified some of the collection (maybe 85%). My particular problem is that the coloration, inclusions, shape of quite a few look the same! I am out of breath. I love the process of identification and when I do identify one accurately, I hop around like a fool.  In essence, I have become intrigued with them. But I have come to a halt. Can anyone give me any pointers that may stop me from ripping my hair out?

I greatly appreciate any help you may give in advance.

asked Oct 11, 2015 by Dizzard (840 points)
edited Oct 16, 2015 by Dizzard

1 Answer

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Many factors go into identifying rocks. Where they are found, how hard they are(determined by scratch testing with many different things) reaction with acid, appearance, magnetic attraction, translucence...

First thing to do is post some pictures here of some you are looking to identify. Questions will be asked and maybe some identifications. The questions here will guide you. There is a good crew here
answered Oct 12, 2015 by Weasel (58,980 points)
Thank you for such a quick response. I have pictures with  Captions (hopefully) that give weight, size, Moh results  (amethyst being 6  Talc 1) Scratch streak. All rocks are wet. I have done a cross section of the types, sizes and colors that usually trip me up. I am not asking you to identify them- that would be too much of an imposition- just maybe some more options or processes that would help in my quest. One error I made is #1 the slab- scratches with the finger nail- maybe a 3moh?

Any help would be appreciated. I joined my local Gem Society but they don't meet again until December,

Thanks again for your response and your kindness!~

Oh the pain- I don't see the attach file option- I better lay off the root beer Floats!
Go to the question option, there should be two tool bars. Bottom one two mountains and a sun gives you the options to do your attachments of photos. Try one at a time.
Honestly, I am not as moronic as I appear. The only time the the tool bars show are when I hit edit- of course that would only apply to the very 1st question on my screen. Therefore the picture, with the info of what I have tried is in the 1st question box. I really appreciate your patience with me- I believe it may have something to do with my browser.  I will work on this but at least I have one stone!
Thanks again,
Ok, I have the tool bars, the pictures are in question box with my comments concerning size weight, moh (guess) translucent, luster and what is tripping me up. Again these are a cross section of the types of color, inclusions, cleavage that are a good point for me to identify more accurately (I hope) Sorry for all the confusion. It was my browser and I should be good to go. I do have several other varieties, but did not want to impose by bombarding you right out of the gate.

Thank you again for your patience and kindness.
Thank you in advance for any direction.