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Where in California do antimony tests can be done?

0 votes
We have some antimony Exploitation Concession that we want to start. I'm starting to search formal buyers for the ore, which has a hi content of antimony.
asked Oct 8, 2015 by Rbaltodano (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Any good metallurgist should be able to stir you in the right direction if not he should be able to test it himself. Probably any chemist could find a way to analyze it.
answered Oct 12, 2015 by Weasel (58,810 points)
0 votes
My best suggestion would be to reach out to a geology department in a nearby university to see if they have x-ray / edax identification equipment to provide positive ID on mineral species and chemical structure.
answered Nov 11, 2015 by hershel (52,700 points)