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I have a very heavy magnrtic stone shaprd like a hocky puck sorta , is it a meterorite?

0 votes
asked Sep 11, 2015 by melanie (140 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Can you post a picture? There are telltale sgns of meteor. Magnetic is one. Heavy for its size is another but a picture would assist us more than a description. Preferably a couple.. Meteors suffer damage as they plunge through the atmosphere. There is a burnt crust on many. One has only to google meteor and look at images to see this effect. It will go a long way in helping you/us decide about your specimen. If you are convinced it is you can have it tested. You will lose a potion of your specimen to the testing facility or individual as they most likely will cut away a small portion to analyze it. It is usually free and they tell you how much you will lose of your specimen they can verify it. Meteors are very valuable. But in a different way. Pieces of witnessed meteorites are most valuable, often they can be identified by composition if known. It would be great to see your find.
answered Sep 13, 2015 by Weasel (52,190 points)