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I found a rock that is the same color is platinum its very heavy its not magnetic

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asked Jul 15, 2015 by Scott Taylor (120 points)
edited Jul 16, 2015 by admin

2 Answers

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hit ask a question. A box will come up with two tool bars. The sixth box on the bottom tool bar should be brought up. It has two mountains and a sun for an icon. The box that icon brings up will give you three ways to post your picture. Left most allows you to type in an URL for your photo. The rightmost allows you to go to a saved picture choose the picture and post it. I am a techno idiot and it was easy. Then type in your question or comment and submit. Looking forward to seeing the specimen.
answered Jul 15, 2015 by Weasel (58,800 points)
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Thanks for uploading the pictures. The pictures are very blurry so its a bit difficult to see its structure and texture. Can you try some sharper pictures? Also what color is its streak? And lastly, what is the general rock type or area where you found it? Was it in an alluvial (stream) deposit? In bedrock? Please provide some additional info as well.
answered Jul 17, 2015 by hershel (52,700 points)