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I have been told peacock copper loses it's color and wondered if I can coat it with something to prevent color loss

0 votes
asked Jul 12, 2015 by jms (120 points)

1 Answer

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Otherwise known as bornite, the ore tarnishes it is copper, iron and sulfide, CuFeSO4. I know of no way to stop the process. Doesn't mean you can't.
answered Jul 13, 2015 by Weasel (58,070 points)
Fresh ground surface will tarnish, and one article said the use of acid has been used to enhance the process but acid should only be used by qualified people in a ventilated area with proper safety measures including garments and eye protection.
Thank you Weasel! Where did you find the article?
Just google bornite. There are several. I read one. It mentioned the tarnish and acid in the very first article.