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replacing a stone in pinkie ring

0 votes

how would I calabrate the size of the stone in my husbands pinkie ring to replace it with a gemstone? Would like to purchase a loose gemstone..but do not know how to size it. Also is a topaz a good stone to use?

asked Jan 22, 2013 by BARBARA (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
A jeweler will be able to help you with mounting the gemstone on your husband's ring, you might ruin the stone and lessen its value if you try to do this yourself. As for topaz, if your husband enjoys the color and feel of it, go for it! You may also consider the properties of each stone, some people believe that gemstones have certain healing qualities, blue topaz is said to be especially good for writers and also a stone of love and affection. Topaz is also a birthstone for November.
answered Nov 9, 2017 by mandua (650 points)

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