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Blue Topaz on 10K Yellow Gold Ring - Is it Real or Fake?

0 votes
I have a 10K Yellow Gold Swirl Band Blue Topaz Ring, hallmarked RA and also has the letters SI on it.  There is a small diamond on the band as well.  The Blue Topaz is cut nicely on the front (Oval Shape), but the back side isn't cut at all.  It actually looks dirty and gritty, does not show any blue.  I have cleaned it in warm soapy water several times.  I have looked at it with a 16 Power Loupe, and it looks like little craters of gray and black.  The front looks nice, but the backside looks nothing like the front.  Is the Topaz a fake?  Topaz tested positive on a Presidium Gem Tester, and the Diamond did too.  Diamond looks great under the loupe.  Thank you.
asked Jun 18, 2015 by LoveRings (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
RA could be a maker's mark, like RA for Randall. Best way to find out if it is real is stop at a reputable jeweler or even a pawn shop. They can tell you real or fake in seconds. It could be an unfinished stone which was flawed in the cutting so unfinished. They won't give you retail value but most will place a value on it. I found a necklace with a diamond. Turned out to be an antique with a very different cut, european according to the jeweler and at least 100 years old.
answered Jun 18, 2015 by weasel