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I have two stones that I need a expert to identify.

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HI i found two stones that are unique to me being a entry level gem hunter. that i found near Nc line from SC I think the larger stone maybe a blue opaque sapphire. maybe the first two photo agate with other mineral thanks. sapphire?

asked Jun 17, 2015 by gemhunter (390 points)
edited Jun 17, 2015 by gemhunter

1 Answer

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I would say the most likely answer on number one is not agate, it is more likely a macro-crystaline quartz and it does not look like chalcedony or chert. Something as hard as agate would not show fractures, if it was, they would look like conchoid fractures if this were agate. Conchoid fractures look like the fractures made on arrow points made by neolithic man in flint arrowheads. The matrix material could be anything. There is no scientific answer to why a silicate forms into quartz or agate. Quartz is a macrocrystal formation and agate is micro crystal. Both are formed by silicates exactly the same until subjected to geological conditions where the final outcome is one or the other.
answered Jun 17, 2015 by weasel
Thank you! weasel, I did understand your answer for the fist stone with the two photo's but not the second two photos. is that quartz as well I thought maybe sapphire due to the dark bluish tent.