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I am a fine jeweler and have a 3.70 ctw. danburite stone; would this be good to mount in a ring for a client?

0 votes
asked Jun 16, 2015 by Helena#1 (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Very hard but brittle. Client knows best but brittle means possible damage to me. I would not spend money on it.
answered Jun 18, 2015 by weasel
0 votes
Danubrite has a Mohs of 7 so is good enough for mounting but prone to chipping.  If the stone is encapsulated it shouldn't be a problem.  Yellow and Pink are worthy of mounting but the clear is as cheap as chips so if damaged could be replaced quite easily.

It's the customers call in the end so advise them of the vulnerability.

Certainly Danubrite is not a stone to be worn in an everyday ring.
answered Jun 30, 2015 by Hutton (360 points)