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looking for some info on these bad boys

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i have a large stone that looks like a melted piece of plastic.It has a orange to red colors pink to blue with a touch of light green.  It has a large streek of orange to red thats what makes me think it is copper. i have med stone that was found nex to the large on that is skin tone pink the were found in a cliff right after a storm half this cliff came down thats when i looked up the sun was shinning the stone stuck out like a star.the stones


are truly awsome. ANY THOUGHTS.

asked Jun 13, 2015 by daryl (150 points)
edited Jul 17, 2015 by daryl

1 Answer

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Can you please post some photos?
answered Jun 19, 2015 by hershel (51,840 points)
selected Jun 22, 2015 by daryl
here are some pic can you tell me what you think. the stones are hard to test .NO MARKS WITH QUARTZ I DO NOT HAVE ANY TOPAZ TO CHECK? WHAT DO YOU THINK.
They most certainly look like chalcedony. See if you can get hold of a feldspar, and see if it scratches it.
THANK YOU . what do you think there are worth.and how would you sell them.should i polish them or have them appraised? chalalcedony?are there different types.Hershal thank you very much for the information.the one stone with color scraches the clear one.i am thinking of having some rings made like i said when light hits the stones they are truly awsome.do you think they could be two types minerals?cause of the color one scraches the clear one .THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME .DARYL
The value of each really depends on each individual piece - i.e. size, transparency, color. I would definitely recommend polishing some samples to see how they look polished. If there is an enhancement such as banding it could also increase the desire of the stone.
any other opinions open for offers