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I was looking for beach glass and found this???

0 votes

I stumbled across some beach glass, oddly at a river near Lake Erie, and found this.  Any idea what it is? 

asked May 20, 2015 by jamie027 (120 points)
edited May 22, 2015 by jamie027

1 Answer

0 votes
It looks like worn glass. Are there any flat or angled crystal faces present?
answered May 22, 2015 by hershel (52,700 points)
Thanks so much for your response.  It's hard to answer your question because I honestly don't know what I am looking for; pardon my ignorance, I am a novice in this area!  Is that something that would be within the rock/glass piece, or on the outside?  The outside does have some shimmery type areas, but perhaps that's what corroded glass looks like?  I initially thought this was glass, however, the shape seemed so odd to me and for as long as collecting beach glass has been a hobby of mine, I've never seen glass quite like this.  I am going to try to upload more close up photos I took, unfortunately my phone is not the best camera to capture detail.  Thanks again for your time.